About Sangeet

Sangeet Chaudhari really needs no introduction. A versatile composer, performer & teacher, he’s regarded as one of the finest Indian musicians in the music business. Talent runs in the family. His grandfather was a classical singer and one of the countries best known artists (his paintings are still appreciated), while his father was the proud owner of a music orchestra. Sangeet’s interest and lessons in music began as early as the age of 5, thanks to his father who was an accomplished musician and a talented musical teacher himself.

A genuine musical prodigy, Sangeet can play more than a dozen different musicial instruments (he’s a master of the Tabla, Keyboards, Guitar & the Mandolin and the harmonium among others) and has taught thousands of students of his own through his Spandan Music Academy. After completing his Bachelors of Arts in English Literature, Sangeet studied extensively in music composition and performance, and began composing his original pieces. Over the years he has also contributed to various artists, albums and music projects as a composer, co-producer and recording artist. Apart from creating promotional music for clients like Karvya Builders, he has to his credit, composed the original score to the well received documentary ‘Ek aur Aakash’, and is now seeking to conquer the pop charts with his latest release Wanna Be With You.

The first album to be released on the newly minted Spandan record label (of which Sangeet is the founder and music director), Wanna Be With You is a collaboration with Norwegian born London native Dawn May. A globe-trotting beat junkie with a smokin’ body and a voice that no man can ignore; Sangeet managed to convince Dawn to come down and record an album in India and she willingly complied. Instead of chasing trends, Sangeet does his own thing and crafts superb melodies and surrounds them with amazing production; from bracing Tabla beats on the funked up ‘Summer is Ending ‘ to the gleaming guitar strings on ‘Lovely Love’.

Catchy ballads mixed with flamenco guitars to Bollywood soundtrack styled numbers you can shake your bon-bon on the dance floor to; the ten infectious and irresistible pieces of pop music on Wanna Be With You should get you in the mood to party all summer and beyond. In spite of very lucrative offers from leading Bollywood producers and artists, Sangeet’s refrained from compromising musically, only crafting the melodious music he believes is part of his being; his soul.

Sangeet Chaudhari
Music Composer
Contact: +91 9892217432
2/7, Bhagirathi bldg. T.J. Road, Near Bhatia Hospital,
Grantroad (W), Mumbai – 400007